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Trinity Storm Restoration: Customized Roofing & Insurance Specialists.

    • Hail damage leads to expensive insurance claims. Hail accounts for more than $1.6 billion in damage per year, just in roof damage in the United States, according to the Federal Alliance of Safe Homes. When a storm hits your area, it may be difficult to see if the shingles on your roof have been damaged. 

      Roofing systems must be physically inspected by someone who has training and experience, to determine if the there is actual hail damage. Insurance companies send their adjusters through special training so they can properly identify hail damage to the property. Unfortunately there is not much ongoing training for the roofing or home inspection industries.

      Missing shingles are related to wind damage claims and can happen during a hail storm if the winds are high enough. However hail damage is insidious in nature and may not physically cause leakage for years after a hail storm.

      Inspecting your roof after a storm is the first step in assessing damage. Damage can take many forms – some damage is obvious to identify – some damage is more subtle and an expert roof inspector would be best able to diagnose.

      At Trinity Storm Restoration, our skilled professionals can inspect your roof for you. Our inspectors are thoroughly trained to find all of the issues associated with wind or hail storms. Having your roof inspected early, right after the storm can prevent costly, unexpected changes, later down the road.
      If your roof is more than 5 years old, you may want to consider having one of our roofing technicians come out to inspect your roof. Give us a call today, before its too late, and your insurance provider decides not to cover you...